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      MECTA's EMS Canine   

Meet the Team...



Gosselin, Linda


Chief Instructor,

President and CEO, MECTA


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  Gosselin, Jaimie Ph.D   Vice President, MECTA  

Bouy, Zoey


EMS Canine, Official Mascot


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  DeRaad, Dingo   EMS Search Dog, Intern    
  Allan, Christopher   Chief Instructor, Wilderness Project   view profile
  DeRaad, Meaghan   Faculty  
  Grout, Shawna   Faculty    
  Grover, Christopher   Faculty    
  McCann, Brian   Faculty   view profile
  Patchell, Geoff   Faculty  
  Remillard, Robert   Faculty    
  Rice, Stephen   Faculty    
  Weimer, Kyle   Faculty    
  Human Resources:        
Lunt, Kathleen   Support Staff    


MECTA would like to thank Christopher Allan, "Mountain Man" for his time, dedication, and use of his exclusive materials as well as his vision of the MECTA Outdoors project.

Friends: I thank you for your never ending encouragement, and support.

The language of friendship is not words, but meanings.

It is an intelligence above language.

                                            -  Henry David Thoreau