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Linda J. Gosselin:  MECTA President and CEO 


Master of Science, Emergency Services Management
35 Years, EMT IC
34 Years, CEO MA Emergency Care Training Agency - MECTA, Inc.
35 Years, EMT Instructor-Coordinator

32 Years, Faculty ­ Quinsigamond Community College

03 Years, Faculty - Clark University

34 Years, American Heart Association New England Regional Faculty
35 Years, American Heart Association CPR Instructor

19 Years, Emergency Care and Safety Institute, Training Center Director, Instructor-Trainer

34 Years, Emergency Medical Systems Coordinator, Town of Shrewsbury
24 Years, National Safety Council Instructor-Trainer
31 Years, American Heart Association Certified Multi-State Training Center
25 Years, National Safety Council - Training Center
24 Years, Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Academy, Ins.- Trainer

24 Years, Massachusetts State Police Instructor

14 Years, MA Municipal Police Training Committee, Ins. Trainer

19 Years, EMS Coordinator/Commissioner, Town of Millbury

16 Years, Pediatric Education for Pre-hospital Professionals, PEPP Instructor-Course Coordinator
23 Years, President and CEO, MECTA Outdoors
20 Years, National Safety Council Wilderness Medicine Instructor-Trainer
04 Years, Administrator, Chief, Oakham Police, Ambulance
04 Years, EMS Coordinator, Central Mass Search and Rescue Team
08 Years, National Association Search and Rescue, Search Manager
09 Years, Metro Boston Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Team 

07 Years, Geriatric Education for Emergency Medical Services, GEMS Instructor - Course Coordinator


Wilderness Search and Rescue, 1992
Advance Wilderness Search and Rescue, 1993
Hazardous Materials, Operational level, since 1993
Confined Space Rescue, since 1994
National Association for Search and Rescue, since 1994
Advanced Trauma Life Support, since 1996
Affiliate, AED Instructor Foundation, since 2001

Massachusetts Paramedic Assist, since 2003

GEMS, Geriatric Education for Emergency Medical Services, since 2003

Incident Command System, since 2003

American Heart Association, ECC Leadership Development

Administrative Emergency Medical Director, EMS Coordinator::

Town of Shrewsbury, MA 

Town of Hopkinton Police, MA

Town of Millbury, MA

Saint Gobain-Norton Company, Worcester, MA

Saint Gobain- Norton Company, Northborough, MA

Town of Berlin Police, Rescue, MA (R)

Town of North Brookfield Police, MA (R)

Child Health Associates, Auburn & Shrewsbury, MA (R)

Consolidated Beverages, Auburn, MA (R)

Emergency Medical Director, Clark University (R)                                    

Emergency Medical System Coordinator, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (R)

Accomplishment Introduction::

Commonwealth of Massachusetts, House of Representatives, Official Resolution Honoring Linda J. Frissora-Gosselin.

The Massachusetts House of Representatives Hereby Honors

Linda J. Frissora-Gosselin for all of her work as a Silent Hero in the Shrewsbury Community and Beyond and Extends Sincere Best Wishes for Continued Success in all Future Endeavors; and be it Further

Resolved, that a Copy of These Resolutions be Forwarded by the Clerk of the House of Representatives to Linda J. Frissora-Gosselin... 2004


Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Senate, Official Citation, ³In Recognition of Outstanding Efforts Saving the Life of Another.² 1996

Commonwealth of Massachusetts, House of Representatives, Official Citation, ³In Recognition of Valiant and Successful Efforts in Saving the Lives of Others.² 1996

American Heart Association, Official Recognition in Outstanding Efforts in Training Over Eight Thousand  Providers from July 1999 - June 2000.

American Heart Association, Official Recognition in Outstanding Efforts in Training Over Four Thousand Six Hundred Providers from July 2000 - June 2001.

American Heart Association, Outstanding Leadership in the AHA Heartsaver

First Aid Programs - 2003.

American Heart Association, Outstanding Performance as a Provider of ECC Courses and for Supporting the AHA Mission - 2004.

Rockville University, Certificate of Distinction for 'Outstanding Performance in Advance Fire Protection' - 2004

Rockville University, Award of Excellence of the 'Emergency Services Management Project' - 2004

National Safety Council Training Achievements 1993 - 2002.

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