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Massachusetts Emergency Care Training Ag/Academy - MECTA, Inc.

Ninety Nine South Main Street Millbury, MA 01527 

Phone: (508) 865-9710

Email: lgosselin@mecta.com


Team Contact Information:

Gosselin, Linda               lgosselin@mecta.com

Gosselin, Jaimie              jgosselin@mecta.com

Allan, Christopher           callan@mecta.com

DeRaad, Meaghan          mderaad@mecta.com

Grout, Shawna              sgrout@mecta.com

Lunt, Kathleen              klunt@mecta.com                

Marino, John                 jmarino@mecta.com

Marino, Diane                diane_marinoSPHR@mecta.com    

McCann, Waldo             bmccann@mecta.com

Montiverdi, Jenna          jmonti@mecta.com

Rice, Stephen               srice@mecta.com

Sholock, Michael            msholock@mecta.com