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All of us have special skills.   Skills which we have learned from others or developed ourselves.   Some of these skills are truly unique. Why not take advantage of these skills and combine them with some "basic" tools and become prepared for an emergency in the wilderness.   Sounds simple doesn't it?   There's something to be said for the who is prepared in the wild.   You can remain anywhere and anyhow if you simply utilize some of the lessons to be learned from this course.   After all, anyone can break an ankle or get caught in the cold and snow.   It's unwise to venture into the wilderness without taking a reasonable selection of survival equipment along with you.  


Hopefully this course will provide you with the information necessary to sustain life in a survival situation.   We will cut through the mystique surrounding outdoor survival and present only enough information or advise for one to stay alive or find his way back home.  

One of the first lessons of survival is to learn to become one within your environment.   Better known as the "four senses of survival."   Hear, see, smell and feel.   Nature is neither friend or foe, so fine tune your skills, use your imagination, and make the best of what you have.

Eat a bug?   No way you say?   Often times what we would normally do at home is very different than what we may "have to do" in the wilderness.   Our goal is to educate you with the necessary information so you can survive if you had to .  


One may ask why would I possibly need to take a course such as this?   Unfortunately, there may be a time in our lives that we may fall victim to natural tragedy such as tornado's and hurricanes?   Will you be able to sustain?


All of us at MECTA Outdoors are delighted that you are joining us and look forward to sharing a fun filled experience.