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:: MECTA Outdoors is Dedicated to Bonnie Bigelow















:: MECTA Outdoors; Dedicated to Bonnie Bigelow

A little history. .. The Outdoors project was one that was born out of a passion for the great outdoors. A Team of truly dedicated individuals developed quickly looking to share ideas and outdoor activities and preparedness.

Whether it is Car Camping or Wilderness Survival; Open Fire Cooking or Living off the Land we wanted to experience it, and share it with others.

Our goal is to provide education, information, research and awareness about the awesome benefits of enjoying the great outdoors and getting closer to nature.

After endless hours of meetings to develop a curriculum, we finally got to the point where we were ready to "go out" and experience our hard work.  The result was positively one of the best projects we, as MECTA Faculty, have ever done.  The Team building exercises gave us all gifts of memories that we will all cherish for a lifetime.

Bonnie was an integral part of the MECTA EMT course and the development of the Outdoors project. She was well seasoned form "back country Maine living", and was more than willing to share all of this with the Team.  Her whit, warmth, insight, and ability to present the information in an educational, yet humorous format was a gift that only Bonnie could have. Her patience was unprecedented. And only God knows how she was able to put up with all of us and still laugh. When Bonnie laughed, everyone laughed!

What is it that I remember most about Bonnie? I think everyone who knows her well would agree with me on this. It was her calm demeanor, her quiet intelligence and her sense of humor. She was the kind of person that would make you laugh at the absurdity of life’s situations. That is what I will truly miss about her. She could make us laugh when we were having a bad day. She always cheered us up...

Bonnie's death was sudden. I remember when I heard the news I simply could not believe it. Bonnie was too young to leave us. The proof was in the way people reacted to her untimely death. It was as if a pall had settled over everyone. She was well-loved and well-respected. And as I think about the many things she did on earth, and as a friend to so many, I am sure she’ll do more of the same in heaven.

I will forever be grateful to have known Bonnie; I will forever be grateful that Bonnie was there at the right place and at the right time to share new adventures.

I will forever be grateful for spending a number of years of my life with a friend like her...  All the memories I have shared with her will forever be cherished and remembered. She will forever live in my heart… In all our hearts...

Bonnie is in heaven now and I am writing this reflecting on what I knew of her and her life. I would like to think that this is not the time to grieve her death but rather a time to celebrate her life. I think back and remember how Bonnie touched my life, and the lives of so many people around her, in so many ways. How she made me laugh and how good Bonnie was as a person.

A few attributes:

Integrity and a deep sense of purpose

A positive outlook, that made every day bright

Enthusiasm which allowed energy to flow all around her

Pride in our unique contributions allowing one to thrive

Courage to stand firmly for what she believed in

Compassion by sharing her warmth

Commitment to her goals, and

Strength to persevere

The tears I am shedding are for the loss of a dear friend. They are tears for her family, whom she loved with all her heart. There was always a look of great pride in her eyes when she spoke of their accomplishments and of their trials and tribulations while growing up. She often told me that they were not alike, but that each of them brought a different outlook and perspective on life and that it was so amazing how two such different children could be born in the same household.

If there is one thing I want to convey about Bonnie it is this: She was a great person and she clearly loved her family dearly.

In the strange and hollow day since you died I find it helps me to remember the times I shared with you, the things we had already done and enjoyed, and to be eternally grateful for your friendship.

I will forever miss Bonnie, but I know in the right time, I will meet her again. Thank you Bonnie, for giving me the honor and privilege of being your friend!

Rest in Peace My Friend ~ LJg