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The Heart Has It's Own Memory,

Like The Mind.


In It Are Enstrined

The Precious Keepsakes.





September 1989 - October 2003


 "A Dog is the Only Thing in the World That Will Love  You More Than You Love Yourself, Unconditionally."

With-out a doubt "My Best Friend."

Zoey "Bear" was a tri-colored 13 inch Beagle,

with enough energy and love for 10 families.


He was always there when you needed him.

He loved just "hanging" around with you.

He was a dog of true joy, a great dog.

A dog who howled "I Love You"

when you told him that you love him,

"Hello" when the phone rang, and "Bill"

when he saw his friend Bill Anderson.

He loved the smell of the beach, the free flowing brook,

hunting frogs, road trips in the camper, and "Chicken Meat."

But most of all, he loved his family!

I loved him as much as he loved me.

We always knew what the others needs were,

and responded appropriately.

How do you know that, you ask?

Love knows!

The last 14 years with Zoey

as my best friend and companion,

have been the best years of my life.

We worked together,

Ate together,

Traveled together,

Walked together,

Laughed together,


Cried together.

He knew me as well as I knew him.

Always there with a lending paw,

a compassionate caring look,


a lick on the face,

when you needed your tears dried.

Zoey my love,

no one will ever know

just how much I love you!

When you went away,

my heart went with you.

It is excruciatingly painful, not to have you here,

on my lap, to hug.

I miss you so much!

You are always in my heart,


I am certain I am in yours.

Be happy my best friend, for we shall once again, be hand in paw.



"Love Story" Lyrics

Where do I begin to tell the story of how great a love can be, the sweet love story that is older than the sea, the simple truth about the love he brings to me? Where do I start? With his first 'Hello!' he gave a meaning to this empty world of mine. There'd never be another love, another time! He came into my life and made the living fine. He fills my heart! He fills my heart with very special things, with angel songs, with wild imaginings. He fills my soul with so much love that anywhere, I go, I'm never lonely. With him along, who could be lonely? I reach for his "paw"... it's always there. How long does it last? Can love be measured by the hours of a day? I have no answers now but this much I can say:

I know I'll need him till the stars all burn away. And he'll be there.