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AED - Automatic External Defibrillator

Defibrillating the heart is now recognized as the critical action that can restart a heart and increase a cardiac arrest victim's chance of survival. This program is designed to facilitate the efficient training, testing and retesting in the use of AEDs.

Intended Audience: Lay-rescuers who are expected to respond to emergencies in the workplace, community, and schools.   EMS, health care providers, athletic trainers, colleges, emergency response teams, golf courses, police and fire departments, health clubs, and the general public to name a few.

Course Elements: 
Adult only
Scene survey
Patient assessment
Using an AED
CPR and AED scenarios
Cardiac chain of survival Recognizing a heart attack
Infection control

Additional Elements:
1 rescuer CPR
Rescue breathing
        Mouth-to barrier devise
Conscious choking
Recovery position
Legal issues
AED maintenance

Initial Instruction Time: 4 Hours

Certification Period: 2 years

Next class date: Call (508) 865-9710

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